The 2016 honor roll.

In the great communist party of China was founded 95 anniversary of the communist party of China wuqing development zone committee awarded li Lin, li ping, Hou Yan, wang, Li Bingyun, Huang Jie comrade, Tian Ying seven "rare zones outstanding communist party member" honorary title; Awarded the honorary title of "outstanding party member of wuqing development zone"; Awarded the honorary title of "advanced grass-root party organization" of the 7th party branch "wuqing development zone". The committee of the communist party of China (CPC) awarded zhang zhe the honorary title of "outstanding communist party member".
Group party committee called for the party branch and all party members to obtain the higher party organization for the advanced party organization and excellent party member, outstanding party workers to study, in the tiens group took off for the third time, play a role of party organization's fight fortress and the exemplary role of party members, according to the requirements of the guidance on the chairman Kim yeon lee, to achieve "the Chinese dream and tiens", as the tiens group construction in the struggle for become the pioneer of China's national brand.

Relevant Recommendation

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