Tai Ji Sun Hospital International Health Management Centre

The words "Tai" and "Ji" of Tai Ji Sun are two hexagrams from the Book of Changes in ancient China. "Tai" is comprised of the "Kun" and "Qian" trigrams, meaning "Yin increases and Yang decreases, Yin and Yang integrate with each other" and "Good luck". "Ji" is "Jiji" trigram, integrating together, meaning that "Water increases and fire decreases, water and fire integrate with each other", that the great cause has been accomplished, and also referring to the great aspiration to do good for society. The word "Sun" has the meaning of "life," "growth," and "continuous reproduction prospering in endless succession". Therefore, Tai Ji Sun embodies the meaning of "balance between yin and yang, integration of water and fire, and the health of the people".






Introduction to the Operations

Service Environment

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